Doctor Pizza’s last album was done entirely by Elliott and myself, Steve, with the help of friends and session players in “the basement.” While this was a fun experience that allowed us to learn a lot, we both felt it would be best to take the next album somewhere with an engineer that could help us with workflow and allow us to focus more on the music.

We went to High Bias Recordings in Detroit on March 31 through April 2nd to set up and get as much of our music recorded as possible. It was a mix of songs we’ve been playing, ideas that were shaped into songs on the fly, and even a little improv.

After giving the reference tracks some listens, we went back to the studio this past weekend to do some overdubs, edits, and light mixing. It is getting closer to the point where Chris Koltay, owner of High Bias Recordings, can do his mixing and production tricks to gives us that special treatment that we do not have the capacity to do on our own.

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