7/3 Cadieux Cafe, Detroit, MI w/Violet Sol, Jay Fry

2/28 Bumbo’s, Hamtramck, MI (Hamtramck Music Festival)
2/21 The Old Miami, Detroit, MI w/Free Hat

8/24 Funktion, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI
8/15 Sounds and Sights, Chelsea, MI
3/8 Plav Post 10, Hamtramck, MI (Hamtramck Music Festival)

8/31 Gamer’s Gala, El Club, Detroit, MI w/Chirp, Act Casual
8/2 Sounds & Sights, Chelsea, MI
6/8 The Funktion, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI
5/4 PJ’s Lager House, Detroit, MI w/Doogatron, Jaws That Bite, East of Awake
3/2 The Polka Dot, Hamtramck Music Festival, Hamtramck, MI
1/6 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI w/The Dirty News, Liquid Thickness

11/1 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI w/Painted Shapes
10/14 New Dodge Lounge, Hamtramck, MI w/Painted Shapes
10/10 The Synth Warehouse on WHFR, Dearborn, MI
9/30 Plymouth Roc w/Chirp and Honey Monsoon, Plymouth, MI
8/12 Pin Up III Art & Variety Show, Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI
7/22 Michigan Glass Project Festival, Russell Industrial Center, Detroit, MI
7/13 Sounds & Sights Music Festival, Chelsea, MI
3/3 Bumbo’s, Hamtramck Music Festival

12/17 Plymouth Roc w/Act Casual, Plymouth MI
7/28 Sounds & Sights, Chelsea, MI
6/24 Odd Side Ales Funkfest 2016 @ Cultivate, Ypsilanti, MI
6/3 Ypsiarboroo @ Lampshade Cafe, Ypsilanti, MI
4/29 Plymouth Roc w/Delta 9, Jaws That Bite, Plymouth, MI
3/5 Trixie’s, Hamtramck Music Festival, Hamtramck, MI
1/15 Private Party

12/12 Plymouth Roc, Plymouth, MI, w/Mike Bush aka Bush League, IIIPeace
11/14 Midland Street Comes Alive @ The Sawmill, Bay City, MI
8/28 CD Release Show @ Plymouth Roc, Plymouth, MI w/Bri Bradley & the B Sides
8/8 Reedstock, Plymouth, MI
8/1 Sand Creek Music Festival, Adrian, MI
6/6 Ypsiarboroo, Ann Arbor, MI
5/30 PJ’s Lager House, Detroit, MI, Ypsiarboroo pre-party w/many bands

12/6 Paycheck’s Lounge, Hamtramck, MI, w/The Old Adage
3/22 The Artist Village, Detroit, MI

12/17 PJ’s Lager House, Detroit, MI, w/SICK, Band of Newman (now Moonwalks)
9/28 The Artist Village, Detroit, MI, Oktoberfest
4/6 Kelly’s Bar, Hamtramck, MI, w/Butterwolf, Minehart