Doctor Pizza is an instrumental quartet that creates smooth, funky, psychedelic space jazz. The Detroit-area project began as an experimental duo of bass and drums, who in 2015 released an independently-produced album that featured contributions from several friends and local artists, including but not limited to Jaws that Bite and members of (Jessica Hernandez &) the Deltas. The two-piece has since welcomed a fiery saxophonist into the fold, as well as a soulful keyboard player who composed the majority of the group’s 2017 release, Late Night Delivery. This 55-minute deep dish has elements of jazz fusion, rock and roll, neo soul, and electronic music baked in many layers of tasteful effects. It’s a laid-back ride through sultry electric pianos, dizzying synth lines, and triumphant, wailing sax, all underscored by tight grooves.

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Steve Ponce – Bass/effects
Elliott Rovinsky – Drums
Jim Stevenson – Keys/synth/effects
Kevin McKinney – Sax/effects

“You guys were so good my indie rocker friend realized she likes jazz!” – Elaine M, Hamtramck Music Festival attendee


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High Bias photos by Ryan Kelly. El Club photos by Devan Boggs.